Educational Facilities

Truman P. Young & Associates specializes in the design of educational projects including elementary, middle, high, and combined K-12 schools. Our designs have included single-story and multiple-story facilities. TPY&A designs incorporate long-span members to create open spaces for media centers, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and theaters. Our designs can be found throughout Ohio and Kentucky.
  • Bradford K-12 School
    • Two-story structure includes
    • Gymnasium, media center,
    • Auditorium and cafeteria in
    • Addition to classroom space

  • Southwest Local School District
    • Harrison High School
      • Two-story classroom addition
      • Wildcat Sports Arena
      • Martin Marietta Theater
    • Junior High School
      • Cafeteria Addition

  • Riverside High School

  • Ansonia School District K-12

  • Lewisburg High School

  • Covington Catholic High School

  • Mad River School District
    • Brantwood Elementary
    • Saville Elementary
    • Virginia Stevenson Elementary
    • Beverly Gardens Elementary
    • Mad River 5-6 Middle
    • Spinning Hills 7-8 Middle

  • Miami University
    • Levey Hall boiler room expansion
    • Bunger Field utility tunnel

  • Saint Xavier High School
    • Science Wing
    • New Chapel
    • Natatorium Remodel
    • Main Entrance Remodel
Bradford K-12
Harrison HS Addition
Saint Xavier HS Chapel